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 We simply desire that our leaders & lawmakers acknowledge our human right to cannabis & hemp; simple plants found wild within nature. 

The Walk For Freedom TheW4F.com Fly Squad flyer blanketing team (2)Be Part of The Change

Encouraging participants to put down the computer, put on their sneakers, and hit the streets of their community. Designed for the first time activist or those who would prefer to remain anonymous, Hit The Streets focuses on sharing the message of reform while introducing The W4F to the community. The projects within this campaign are passive yet effective, making them perfect for an individual’s first advocacy experience.

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The Walk For Freedom TheW4F.com Express yourself arts campaign (5)Be Heard on Capital Hill

Through Operation Mailbag we desire to ensure that the American public is heard on Capitol Hill. To do this, we’re collecting letters of support, stories, etc., urging our national leaders to take action for reform. Our goal is to fill 100 Mailbags and visually show our lawmakers, on Sept 23rd, that the vast majority of their constituency supports ending prohibition. Anyone can participate, making this an accessible campaign for those who are ill, live far from town, or would rather offer their support privately.

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The Walk For Freedom TheW4F.com Express yourself arts campaignEducation is a Key to Reform

The barriers to ending prohibition can be broken when the public is educated about positive aspects of cannabis and hemp, as well as the issues of prohibition. Green U, our educational hub, is packed full of tools that provide individuals with the resources they need to initiate conversations and share information within their circle of influence. Through peer to peer interactions, we reveal the truths of the issues, gathering collective support across America.

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The Walk For Freedom TheW4F.com Express yourself arts campaign (2)Art Speaks

Art is an essential element of any social movement, sharing the issues in a way that words cannot. Express Yourself combines art and activism for an extraordinary impact in our communities. By promoting self expression, individual messages of reform can be brought to the streets and the issues highlighted in unique ways. This blend of art and activism engages the public, humanizes the impacts of prohibition, and generates interest in the issues as well as advocacy.  

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